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Summer Chill

When the temperature spikes, choose a dessert that goes for the deep freeze. Here’s a roundup of our frosty favorites.

By Marilyn Kitzes

This summer, we’ve put a sophisticated spin on everyone’s most nostalgic icy treats. Incorporating unique and surprising ingredients (some with a hit of alcohol) the frigid flavors of these sous vide recipes are sure to tickle your tastebuds. Pull out the circulator and get ready for the “wow!”

Bee Pollen Ice Cream with Bourbon Vanilla Grilled Peaches
With a slightly sweet, floral taste, bee pollen is not only a healthy garnish for yogurt, cereal, and smoothies—it’s a superfood that contains protein, minerals, and vitamins C, E, and all the Bs (excuse the pun). But what is it, you ask? Bee pollen is basically a ball of pollen that is made from flower pollen, bee saliva, and nectar or honey. The bees carry these balls back to their hive, which feeds the colony.

According to beekeeper Michael Hott of Hott Apiary in McGaheysville, VA, it’s important to support your local apiary. He also adds, “I hope everybody realizes how important pollinators are. Most people go to the grocery store and pick up vegetables and they don’t really think about where this food comes from—there’s a lot that goes into it.” After you gather your ingredients, whip up our bee pollen ice cream (you’ll need an ice cream machine). With sous vide vanilla-bourbon peaches, this dessert is out of this world. And dare we say, this will definitely be the buzz of your next gathering.

Dragon Fruit Granita

A tropical delicacy that has grown in popularity, dragon fruit received its name thanks to its bright red skin and green scales. Described as tasting like a cross between a kiwi and a pear, dragon fruit is native to southern Mexico and Central America, and also goes by other names including pitaya and strawberry pear. This recipe, which calls for the fruit’s magenta flesh, creates an eye-catching dessert. Finished with coconut foam, hazelnut crumbs, and a pomelo gastrique (a sweet and sour sauce), this one is destined to impress.

Pop Stars: Sous Vide Popsicles

Playful and perfect for summer, we’ve taken the classic dessert-on-a-stick to new heights. Not just for steak, sous vide allows for intensified fruit flavors and the creamiest custards. Peanut butter lovers will adore the Honey Peanut Butter Custard Pop which features a surprise ingredient: Kaffir lime leaves, which break up the fruity sweetness. Sous vide mellows out the taste of booze in our Bourbon Caramel Pop, which incorporates an egg yolk–filled custard, and an Asian-inspired Mango Basil Ice Pop conjures the taste of mango sticky rice thanks to a coconut milk base. Fast historical fact: The invention of the popsicle is credited to an 11-year-old California boy named Frank Epperson who accidentally left a wooden stick in a glass of soda during a very cold night in 1905. Years later, as a father, he patented his invention, which his kids named “Pop’s ‘sicles”.

Sous Vide Ice Pops

Remember those iced treats you’d tear open with your teeth and then slurp out of a plastic sleeve? Well, that childhood favorite is now all grown up, and given the sous vide treatment with natural and more delicious ingredients. Think Orange, Mango & Honey; Pineapple Coconut, Mint & Lime; Strawberry & Watermelon, and a Spinach, Matcha & Coconut flavor. Our recipe includes instructions to help you make your own ice pop pouches, or you can choose from a host of ready-made plastic sleeves on Amazon.

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