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Thermomix TM6

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Sous-Vide Made Simple

A sous vide pioneer shows readers how to make everyday dinners easier.

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Think your kitchen is fully outfitted? Think again. Meet the Spinzall, a countertop centrifuge developed by Dave Arnold, a leader in the world of modern culinary technology.

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WD-50: The Cookbook

WD-50: The Cookbook


Wylie Dufresne’s wd~50 changed the way the Lower East Side ate and the way modernist chefs cook....

Anova Precision Cooker

Anova Precision Cooker


Sous vide leader Anova premieres a new immersion wand you just might have to own....

Mouthfeel: How Texture Makes Taste

Mouthfeel: How Texture Makes Taste


What makes a dish go from everyday to decadent? It’s often the texture that transforms a dish. ...

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