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Discover the latest in sous vide books and equipment, kitchen gadgets, and covetable cookbooks.

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SKS Dual-Fuel Pro Range

Monoprice Strata Home Sous Vide Cookers

Monoprice, a direct-to-consumer online consumer electronics retailer, offers two sous vide appliances at very attractive prices.

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Anova Precision Cooker

Sous vide leader Anova premieres a new immersion wand you just might have to own.

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Thermomix TM6

There’s a brand-new version of the do-it-all Thermomix and, amazingly, it has even stronger superpowers.

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A Wealth of Insight

For A Wealth of Insight: The World's Best Chefs on Creativity, Leadership, and Perfection, author and journalist Rahim Kanani uncovers how the best chefs get inspired, create, and innovate. 

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Sous Vide Hits the Newest Edition of Joy of Cooking

Featuring 600 new recipes, the 2019 cookbook is also a reference guide for the slow-cooking method.

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The Flavor Matrix

A revolutionary new cookbook by celebrity chef James Briscione, The Flavor Matrix (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), explores how unexpected flavor pairings can work together to create extraordinaryw flavor.

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