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Tips & Techniques

Foraging For Treasure

During a trip into the woods, Chef Delian DiPietro sheds light on foraging and wild mushrooms, a delicious, sustainable, organic food source.

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Beginner Tips for Your New Circulator

Were you recently gifted with a circulator and are not sure where to begin? Here’s a handful of tips to get started.

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A Guide to Sous Vide Sauces

Every home chef should count these sous vide sauces among their kitchen secrets.

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One Dish: The Pork Chop at Field & Tides

At his Houston restaurant, Chef Travis Lenig makes no bones about his love of sous vide.

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Texas Small Business Makes Yogurt with Sous Vide

Dallas-based Milk & Patience Artisanal Products prepares dairy and coconut-milk yogurt for sale in local farmers markets and grocery stores.

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Brad Kilgore’s Kaido Infuses Japanese Flavors with Sous Vide

From the kitchen to the bar, the Miami restaurant relies on vacuum sealing.

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Voted Most Popular


WeWork Food Labs to Open in New York

A new coworking space for culinary startups is designed to foster innovations in food science.

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Cuisine Solutions Rides into San Antonio

The company’s new production location—the largest sous vide facility in the U.S.—breaks ground in the Lone Star State.

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Machine Cuisine

Spyce, the techy fast-casual concept from chef Daniel Boulud, is on a mission to bring healthy and affordable food to more diners. 

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Chefs & Personalities

Virginia Beekeeper Michael Hott Talks Honey

Hott Apiary includes more than 600 honey-making bee hives that produce tens of thousands of pounds of honey each year. Sous-Vide magazine spoke with its owner about buying local, raw honey.

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Ask the Master: Bruno Goussault on Plastics, Cooling, and more.

Cuisine Solutions’ Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault discusses safe sous vide plastics, keeping your circulator residue-free, and more.

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Sweet Talk

Spanish pastry chef Jordi Roca makes sweets from memories.

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A Sensational Soup

Meet the Master

Cuisine Solutions’ Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault reveals his rules of the kitchen and responds to reader questions about the sous vide cooking method.

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