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5 Commandments of Sous Vide Cooking

Tips & Techniques

Getting Started with Sous Vide

Trying sous vide cooking for the first time? Get the scoop on how to do it right with helpful tips from the chefs at Cuisine Solutions, the world-renowned experts in the sous vide method.

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A Guide to Sous Vide Sauces

Every home chef should count these sous vide sauces among their kitchen secrets.

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How to Sous Vide: Octopus

The sous vide method is the ultimate secret weapon for transforming octopus into an impossibly tender, delicate dish.

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Dining in the District

Follow along as we dine and drink at the best sous vide spots in Washington, DC.

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Taste the Nation: East Coast

In search of culinary innovation or new takes on classic foodie favorites? Browse our guide series to find tasty sous vide dishes in destinations across America. First up: the East Coast.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Peas

The humble pea rises to new heights.

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The Old Man and Sous Vide
Give 'Em a Listen: Food Podcasts


App-lied Science

These must-download cooking apps are designed to inform, inspire, and make life easier for the home cook.

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A Cut Above

Master butcher Gene Gagliardi elevates run-of-the-mill cuts of meat into something special.

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Cryoconcentration Ups the Flavor Game

Cryoconcentration—reducing by freezing—is an exciting new frontier in food science that opens up a whole new world of flavors.

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Mark Miller Comes to His Senses

Chefs & Personalities

Fresh Picks with Chef Daniel Boulud

We sat down with famed Chef Daniel Boulud to discuss some of his favorite things, from vegetables and cocktails to restaurants and neighborhoods.

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Top Chefs Talk Sous Vide

Top Chef  Season 14 contestants reveal their best sous vide techniques, along with their favorite ways to cook under vacuum. 

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Immersing Themselves: Part I

Modernist Cuisine author Nathan Myhrvold and Museum of Food and Drink founder Dave Arnold share their thoughts on sous vide cooking.

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Meet the Master

Cuisine Solutions’ Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault reveals his rules of the kitchen and responds to reader questions about the sous vide cooking method.

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