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Out of the Bag

Tips & Techniques

Holiday Help

Sous vide can help you become a batch-cooking, master marinating, meal-prepping pro—with plenty of free time on your hands for entertaining guests.


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A Guide to Sous Vide Sauces

Every home chef should count these sous vide sauces among their kitchen secrets.

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The Anatomy of a Sous Vide Steak

Cuisine Solutions' Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault shares his expert advice on preparing the perfect protein.

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Dining in the District

Follow along as we dine and drink at the best sous vide spots in Washington, DC.

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A Refined Diner

Sink your teeth into sous vide brunch at Indianapolis hotspot Milktooth.

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Bean Scene

Coffee’s too good to confine to a cup. Celebrate buzzworthy beans from across the globe with these coffee-centric sous vide recipes.

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Harvest Hues
Out of the Bag


(Vacuum) Packed & Ready to Go

Weeknight meals get a family-friendly upgrade with an assist from sous vide.

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Starbucks and Sous Vide

Starbucks partners with Cuisine Solutions for the perfect morning pick-me-up: sous vide egg bites.

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Ancient Roots, Modern Appeal

Get a glimpse into the history of sealed-cooking methods, each of which helped pave the way for the sous vide method we use today.


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Culinary King

Chefs & Personalities

Mark Miller Comes to His Senses

For the chef-turned food strategist, taste is everything.

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Top Chefs Talk Sous Vide

Top Chef  Season 14 contestants reveal their best sous vide techniques, along with their favorite ways to cook under vacuum. 

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Haute Meets Homespun

Curtis Stone's Los Angeles restaurants give classic tastes a modern update, thanks to inspired sous vide cooking.

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Meet the Master

Cuisine Solutions’ Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault reveals his rules of the kitchen and responds to reader questions about the sous vide cooking method.

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