How to Cook Sous-Vide

Sous-vide isn’t just for professional chefs—at least, not anymore. From tools and recipes to tutorials and tips, here’s what you need to get started.


Getting Started with Sous-Vide

Learning how to cook sous-vide is as much about having the proper tools and equipment as it is about using the right techniques to achieve the results you want. Read on to discover tips and tricks designed for those entering the world of sous-vide.


Essentials for a Beginner Sous-Vide Setup

As you start out with sous-vide, there are a few key devices you’ll need to bring full flavor and unparalleled precision cooking to each and every meal. With the right tools in your arsenal, you’ll deliver perfect proteins, side dishes, and more—every single time.


The key to a perfectly prepped sous-vide bag is a single layer of ingredients that are the same thickness. That consistency ensures even cooking, especially when it comes to dense fruits and vegetables. To achieve it, opt for a mandolin with a detachable blade for easy cleaning.



A compact vacuum sealer is ideal for a beginner, since it gets the job done without taking up too much space. With any vacuum sealer, you want one that seals fragile foods without pulverizing them. Look for an option that comes with sous-vide-safe bags and a warranty.


With an entry-level circulator, you’re looking for simple, affordable, and effortlessly effective. Choose one with an accompanying app that you can use to set, adjust, and control the device, as with the ChefSteps Joule. Some apps also include tutorials, tips, and recipes for you to use as you get more comfortable using the appliance.



After cooking a cut of meat sous-vide, you’ll want to finish it by searing it in a pan. A pair of rubber-tipped tongs is helpful for removing sous-vide bags from hot water without piercing them, and for turning meat while searing without puncturing the surface.




Joule by ChefSteps


This immersion circulator may be small, but it conquers in the kitchen.

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit


The perfect package for beginners—the compact vacuum sealer comes with sous-vide-safe bags and a five-year warranty.



Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda

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Sous-vide cocktails? You bet. Banana bourbon made with an immersion circulator gives a tropical backbone to this straightforward cocktail at DC’s avant-garde spot Barmini.

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Turkey Breast with Sage Brown Butter

Turkey Breast with Sage Brown Butter

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For the Fall 2017 issue of the magazine, Chef Curtis Stone—the ambitious chef behind Beverly Hills restaurant Maude—shares his recipe for a less-fussy approach to serving a holiday bird.

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Barbacoa Sous-Vide Wagyu Brisket

Barbacoa Sous-Vide Wagyu Brisket

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Chef Mark Miller—considered a pioneer of modern Southwestern cuisine—shares his recipe for barbacoa brisket, prepared with ready-made sous-vide products from Cuisine Solutions.

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