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Pop Stars

A delicious summer classic gets a modern sous vide twist.

By Morgan Fecto

Step aside, snow cones. Since the ice-cream truck days of childhood, we’ve learned a few ways to help the humble ice pop grow beyond its nostalgic past, including using sous vide to intensify fruit flavors, mellow out spiked pops, and create the creamiest custards.

Try light, fruit-infused pops, like our refreshing Honey, Lime, and Melon Popsicle, which balances sweet honeydew with a zing of lime. Featuring a quick sous vide cooking time, this simple recipe is easy to make your own. Try substituting different fruits or herbs for new flavor combinations. Instead of sticky-sweet flavors, opt for pops that pair salty or sweet with the brightness of herbs, like our Asian-inspired Mango Basil Popsicle, reminiscent of mango sticky rice. The coconut milk base makes this a perfect pop for vegan guests at your next summer cookout.

Our Honey Peanut Butter Custard Popsicle starts with a rich peanut butter custard that’s silky from temperature-controlled sous vide cooking, then adds texture and nuance via honey and peanut brittle. A surprise flavor twist: Kaffir lime leaves, which are added to the brittle to break up the sweetness.

Looking for an even more grown-up approach to the pop? Get boozy. Sous vide cooking does double duty for our Bourbon Caramel Popsicle, dulling the sharp bite of alcohol and pasteurizing the egg yolk–filled custard—which makes these pops totally safe to enjoy. Feel free to try your own takes on these next-level popsicle recipes. Just don’t forget to share.

Can’t get enough sous vide popsicles? Watch Cuisine Solutions’ Chef Delian DiPietro talk pops with the hosts of Good Morning Washington and demonstrate how to make the tasty frozen treats.

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