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Carrot Recipes to Try This Fall

Sous vide enhances the natural sweetness of carrots. Try our favorite recipes.

By Sara Johnson

Carrots grow in lots of colors and shapes (although baby carrot is not one of them). The vegetables are diced as a crucial third in a mirepoix trio, shredded for ubiquitous salad bars, and plated next to celery sticks and ranch dressing. Raw, they are crunchy snacks; cooked, they are healthy sides. Sous vide softens the root vegetable into a sweet base for dishes perfect for cold weather.

Carrot Soup with Smoked Ginger and Whipped Cream

This holiday season, start your dinner guests off with a vegetarian soup appetizer. Fresh ginger cured with liquid smoke adds depth to carrot-and-potato soup. Whipped cream flavored with lime zest tops the bowl for a presentation-perfect course. See recipe.

Honey-Harissa Glazed Carrots with Lemon Yogurt Sauce

Sous vide takes the cooking lead in this side dish. Rainbow carrots are cooked sous vide with butter, harissa, and honey for three hours followed by just 10 minutes in a searing pan. A sauce of yogurt, lemon, and parsley completes the dish. See recipe.

Carrot Tomato Orzo

A warm bowl of pasta is just the thing for chilly evenings at home. Carrots and tomatoes are cooked sous vide and then blended and stirred into orzo cooked in white wine and chicken broth. Fresh chives and Parmesan are mixed in, as well as topping the bowl. See recipe.

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