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Up the ante on your summer barbecue with these sous vide recipes.


Plan the best summer barbecue: an afternoon spent lazing out-of-doors, munching on simple, big-flavor foods. And sous-vide acts as the grill’s perfect partner, helping to keep you out of a hot kitchen on steamy days. Our suggestions for upgrading the standard fare: Boost corn on-the-cob with bold seasoning and pickled ramp mayo; give BBQ wings a Korean chili pepper makeover; rethink mac-and-cheese as crispy bite-size squares. Plates optional.


Nothing says summer like smoky, tender pulled pork. Instead of slaving over a grill for hours and risking a less-than-ideal texture, simply sous vide the meat overnight. Wake up, chill the meat, and take it out when you’re ready to start welcoming guests. Fire up the grill, heat it over the coals for about 30 minutes, slather with our tangy sous vide honey barbecue sauce (recipe included) and serve it up. Final step: prepare for the onslaught of compliments—and requests for seconds.


There’s nothing wrong with grilled fresh summer corn, but this recipe is crazy good. A dash of pickled ramp mayonnaise and drizzle of spicy ketchup transforms this classic vegetable size into an enticing main dish. Crumbled Cotija cheese adds protein oomph.

Spicy. Sweet. Savory. Finger-licking-good and totally addictive. We’d use all of these adjectives and more to describe your new favorite sous vide wings. The secret to the heat? Gochujang, a Korean chili pepper paste that adds sweet, savory and fermented complexity. Most of your cooking will be entirely hands-off: a few hours of marinating and sous vide cooking means you can throw ’em on the grill for just three minutes per side whenever you want a hot batch.

Mac and Cheese Bites.


If there’s one dish at a barbecue spread that unites every man, woman, child and hard-to-please tween, it’s macaroni and cheese. So why not put a fresh spin on an old favorite? Indulgent cream cheese and tangy cheddar create gooey centers, while a final frying step creates a crunchy exterior. Try to eat just one.


Charcoal-Limoncello Spritzer

In addition to looking cool, activated charcoal has purported medicinal qualities. Serve it in a clear glass, and you have a drink impressive for your next dinner party.


Mustard Greens

When prepared sous vide, dried cannellini beans arrive to the plate tasting absolutely revelatory. The creamy firmness, coupled with a salty pancetta and flavorful mustard greens, makes this full-flavored dish the perfect vegetarian star for any dinner plate.

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