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These must-download cooking apps are designed to inform, inspire, and make life easier for the home cook.

BY Andrew Avrick


Our favorite things about Polyscience’s Sous Vide Toolbox: depth of data and custom settings. Input the exact cut and size of your entrée and the app gives you a detailed recommendation for temperature and timing. It can also account for tenderness, compensate for a cooling ice bath, and even help with bacteria-killing pasteurization. Experts and novices alike will love The Cooking Journal, a feature that tracks the meal’s progress in real time.


There are lots of cooking apps that help you organize recipes, but what separates Handpick is how it aggregates food blogs and other sites into curated collections. With a database of over 10,000 ingredients, the app can filter recipes by what you have in your pantry. For whatever you don’t have on hand, the app’s Meal Kits feature makes your shopping list for you.


ChefSteps’ companion app for its internet-connected sous vide tool, Joule, helps the home cook prepare perfectly done proteins. Want to know exactly how long to cook a one-inch-thick piece of salmon? Joule will not only help you set the temperature and timer, a GIF-rich interface will also give you a step-by-step guide for cooking the salmon to perfection. Plus, the sous vide cooking app is backed by the experts at ChefSteps—a culinary company that offers online classes and recipes for sous vide enthusiasts.

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