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Give ‘Em a Listen: Food Podcasts

These must-listen podcasts are designed to inform, inspire, and make life easier for the culinarily curious.


COOKING ISSUES, hosted by Dave Arnold

We all have cooking issues, but that’s part of the fun. It’s also the podcasting credo of Dave Arnold, the chef, inventor, and food consultant behind culinary innovation lab Booker and Dax. In “Cooking Issues,” Arnold answers callers’ questions on everything from sous-vide to extrusion cooking with wild stream-of-consciousness charisma and a rotating cast of foodie guests.

THE SPLENDID TABLE, hosted by Francis Lam

Did you know that micro-vibrations from playing Tupac can help your tomatoes grow? It’s Francis Lam’s goal to pluck these unique food insights from the chefs, urban farmers, food editors, and restaurateurs he interviews for “The Splendid Table.” His candid culinary discussions with guests like J. Kenji López-Alt and Jacques Pépin will whet your appetite for culinary exploration.


THE FOOD CHAIN, hosted by the BBC World Service

Closer to “Freakonomics” than Bon Appétit, this weekly show digs into more than what’s on your plate. Episodes cover trends in the restaurant business, developments in food science, and the cultural implications of our food. If how bread selection relates to socio-economic status or the history of fermentation interests you, then this one is a must-subscribe.

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