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Starbucks and Sous Vide

Starbucks partners with Cuisine Solutions for the perfect morning pick-me-up: sous vide egg bites.

Your standard Starbucks order can now come with a side of sous-vide, thanks to an ongoing collaboration between the coffeehouse giant and Cuisine Solutions, the pioneers of the sous-vide method. In early 2017, Starbucks launched a new breakfast line of Sous-Vide Egg Bites, which has received rave reviews from consumers and critics alike since landing on the menu.

The two flavor options—Bacon & Gruyere and Egg Whites & Roasted Red Pepper—are providing morning pick-me-ups for those looking for an indulgent yet easy breakfast. Each bite is perfectly cooked sous vide using cage-free egg whites, resulting in a velvety texture that is difficult to achieve via traditional cooking techniques. The richly flavorful Bacon & Gruyere combines both Gruyere and Monterey Jack cheeses with applewood smoked bacon, while the Egg Whites & Roasted Pepper option includes Monterey Jack cheese, spinach, and and fire-roasted red peppers. (As a bonus, each one boasts just 85 calories apiece!)

Starbucks Brand Manager Eveline Chao-Rivera said the company had noticed an uptick in customers ordering breakfast sandwiches without the bread—which sent them looking for healthy, delicious, wheat-free alternatives.

“People are more conscious of what they are eating,” says Chao-Rivera. “Many are skipping out on bread and focusing on nutritious protein to fuel their increasingly busy days.”

Those insights resulted in a partnership with Cuisine Solutions—a natural fit, given that the sous vide method makes a standout star out of the humble egg.

“We have a special passion regarding sous vide cooked eggs, as eggs are a very versatile, yet delicate food product, which requires the precision the sous vide technique provides,” says Cuisine Solutions Executive Chef Bruno Bertin, who helped develop the Egg Bites.

The breakfast bites come in pairs and provide the perfect energy boost for busy mornings. Keep an eye out for future flavors and additional offerings featuring sous vide-prepared ingredients.

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