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A Very Sous Vide Thanksgiving

It’s time to make recipe plans for the big day. Haven’t started yet? Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

BY Marilyn Kitzes

From the main-event turkey to creative side dishes, we’ve gathered up our favorite Thanksgiving recipes—cooked sous vide, of course. Bursting with flavor, these big-day dishes are sure to impress even the most sophisticated pilgrim at your table. And yes, you can use sous vide to cook your turkey—this story is your tipsheet. From cooking different parts of the turkey to making gravy to achieving a crispy skin, we have helpful guidelines you don’t want to miss.



A Cocktail Welcome

There’s no better way to get the party started than with an inventive aperitif. With its remarkable ability to extract flavors, sous vide has become a darling of today’s most famous mixologists. Case in point: Chris Brown, of Metropole in Cincinnati, has created his 40-Love cocktail featuring infused plum, Pimm’s, thyme, and orange peel. More advanced sous vide cooks might want to follow the lead of Curtis Stone, of Beverly Hills’ Maude restaurant—he’s behind a Vanilla Old Fashioned featuring a vanilla-infused bourbon that’s out of this world.


The Headlining Bird

Tradition tells us to stuff a turkey, rub it with butter, and wait for it to bake all afternoon. But there are other ways to approach this star entrée. Feast your eyes on our sous vide turkey recipes and be prepared for juicier white meat and greater versatility (why not prepare the breasts separate from the thighs?!). Chef Stone offers his Turkey Breast with Sage Brown Butter, which is perfect for beginners. Another turkey breast recipe—for intermediate sous vide cooks—is our Slow-Cooked Turkey with Cranberry-Infused Butternut Squash. For those who want to prepare every part of the bird, we say go for it with our Whole Sous Vide Turkey with Gravy recipe.

The Sides

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving side dishes? The ultimate accompaniment to turkey—or enjoyed completely on their own—this year’s side dishes are a vegetarian celebration. Not only are vegetables packed with nutrients, vegetarian foods are a more sustainable option than meat, which requires more natural resources to be produced. Better for you, better for the planet. And sous vide aficionados can rejoice, because fall and winter vegetables are simply divine when prepared sous vide.

Our Pumpkin Agrodolce with cippolini onions and dried cranberries is a caramelized sweet and salty delight that can be enjoyed as a main dish. Another meaty main dish idea is our Purple Cauliflower Steak, or for a tantalizing first course, try Carrot Soup with Smoked Ginger.

A Dazzling Dessert

Move over apple pie, because sous vide Caramel Apple Preserves are not only remarkably delicious, they can be served in a Mason jar for a rustic-chic touch your guests will love. Feeling more ambitious? More experienced sous vide cooks might try DIY Sweet Potato Macarons—a exclusive recipe. That’s a finish to an incredible meal that everyone will be thankful for.



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