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A Sous Vide Taco Party

Mexico’s humble, handheld dish gets an infusion of sophistication thanks to the science of sous vide.

By Marilyn Kitzes

Take taco night to sophisticated new heights by creating a menu that makes the most of your immersion circulator. From delicious taco fillings to an impressive cocktail and an out-of-this-world flan dessert, your guests are sure to exclaim a hearty “delicioso!”

Montreal Spice Flatiron Steak with chimichurri sauce.

Start with Steak

A perfect recipe that’s jam-packed with flavor, our Montreal Spice Flatiron Steak is the ultimate dish for red-meat lovers. This recipe, with chimichurri sauce and truffle-laced zucchini, is a divine choice as a taco filling.

Smoked Brisket, Anyone?

Because of its inherent toughness, brisket, the cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of the cow, is best slow cooked. Our Sous Vide Smoked Brisket is sumptuous as a taco filling or prepared as a starring entrée with accompanying cornbread crumble and golden beet salad.

Go Fish

For a lighter filling, choose branzino (also known as European sea bass). The iconic Mediterranean fish offers a white flesh and a mild, sweet flavor that pairs well with bolder Mexican flavors. Impress your guests with our Pontarlier-Anis Branzino. While this dish is prepared using the whole fish, it can be filleted post-cooking for use in tacos.

Sous vide Pickled Cabbage

Phenomenal Fillings

In addition to your favorite protein, fill your flour or corn tortillas with diced onions, cilantro, or a zingy Pickled Cabbage (let’s save the sour cream, lettuce, and cheese for another time). This beginner recipe speeds up the pickling process thanks to sous vide, of course. It also keeps for up to four weeks in a sealed pouch so you can enjoy it as a topping for other meals—bonus!

Crazy Corn on the Cob

Crazy for Corn

The Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Sous-Vide magazine features a recipe for Crazy Corn on the Cob that makes a beautiful presentation. Corn cobs are first immersed in a sous vide bath (along with butter and spices) and then finished on the grill. A skewer inserted into the bottom of the cob makes eating not only easy, but fun, too.


Sangria Elevated

For a bubbly version of red sangria, star bartender Lauren Corriveau of New York’s Nitecap created Boogie Wonderland, which stars Maurin Quina, a French aperitif infused with cacao nibs via sous vide. Featuring pineapple rum, Moroccan bitters, and garnished with lemon, lime, and orange peel, this inspiring elixir will have you shaking up second and third batches.

Flan Forever

The traditional Latin American dessert, an unassuming sweet custard, gets the star treatment with our intermediate-level Sous Vide Hazelnut Flan with caramel, pistachio foam, and dehydrated milk leaflets. Pass on dessert? We dare you.


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