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Brunch, But Make It Eggs.

When it comes to brunch, we think there’s nothing more delicious than the humble egg. And there’s no better way to prepare your favorite eggs than sous vide. Here, a few of our favorite recipes.

BY Marilyn Kitzes

The world’s best chefs have discovered that through sous vide, eggs can achieve a perfect texture. Why? Because there are three parts of an egg—and they all cook differently—sous vide allows them to get the attention they deserve. The yolk (the most nutritious part), the tight white (the white that directly surrounds the yolk), and the loose white (the part that runs away), each contain different amounts of protein and they react differently when heated. Timing and temperature can make all the difference—and thanks to these recipes, we’ve figured it all out for you.


Quail Egg Mini Tartines


Eggs Benedict, the ultimate brunch entrée, is elevated to new heights with this recipe featuring a hollandaise sauce made using sous vide in addition to a perfectly poached sous vide egg. Don’t feel too guilty about the indulgent hollandaise—qual eggs boast several percentage points worth of a protein advantage over chicken eggs, and nearly triple the amount of vitamin B1. Basically a kale smoothie, right?

Duck Egg Brouilles


Move over scrambled eggs, you’ve met your more sophisticated match. Featuring baguette bâttonets and Parmesan foam, this recipe delivers a dish that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. The presentation in egg shells is also a stunner—count on this one to impress even the most Champagne-taste brunch crowd.

deviled sous vide eggs on plate


It’s amazing what a little pork belly bacon can do. Ideal for brunch—or as an appetizer for a special luncheon or dinner—these eggs get the star treatment with a delicate beet juice stain around the edge. Your brunch table won’t be able to resist snapping Instagram photos—if they can wait to eat them long enough for the shot!  


Can’t get enough eggs? Learn how to make the perfect egg from Cuisine Solutions chef Kyong Park. Watch the how-to video for sous vide eggs here.