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From the editors of Sous-Vide, four binge-worthy foodie shows to add to your Netflix queue.



When was the last time you thought deeply about fried rice? In Ugly Delicious, Momofuku restaurateur David Chang and a rotating cast of his foodie friends explore a side of dining enjoyed by many, though studied by few: cheap eats.

Each episode offers an expert’s take on a different comfort dish—whether tacos, pizza, crawfish, or BBQ—considering its origin, essence, and broader cultural impact.


Emmy-nominated docuseries Chef’s Table is hoping you saved room for dessert. The show’s fourth season extends its focus beyond apps and entrées, instead homing in on the innovators behind some of the most tantalizing sweets in the world—from Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi to Spanish pastry chef Jordi Roca. Directed with the effortless elegance you’d expect from the series and topped with a sprinkle of sugar, the season presents four irresistible reasons to give in to your sweet tooth.


Cooking is about more than just texture and taste—it connects us to our most elemental sense of humanity. That’s the thesis behind this show, which examines food through the lens of four elements—fire, water, air, and earth. Adapted from Michael Pollan’s book of the same name, the series showcases the intersection of gastronomy and anthropology, highlighting the fundamental connections between how we eat and who we are.


With Bourdain’s untimely passing in June 2018, his iconic series saw a surge of renewed interest and remembered affection. Equal parts food show and travel documentary, Parts Unknown’s greatest strength lies in how it contextualizes local and regional cuisines, pushing Bourdain (along with viewers) to consider how culture shapes culinary traditions. While Kitchen Confidential launched Bourdain to stardom, it was Parts Unknown that cemented the late culinary icon’s legacy of deep empathy and unflinching authenticity—qualities on display in meal after meal, episode after addicting episode.

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