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From cocktails and appetizers to main courses and desserts, these are the uniquely delicious recipes that tantalized our readers’ imaginations in 2019.

By Marilyn Kitzes

Curious which Sous-Vide magazine recipes most beguiled our food-loving audience? Read on to discover the year’s most popular sous vide delicacies—and perhaps try one of them for yourself.

Vanilla Old-Fashioned

Sous-Vide readers love their cocktails, and this one by Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone was a real attention-grabber. This recipe combines bourbon, vanilla, and orange peel in a sous vide pouch that’s cooked for two hours. Mix the vanilla-infused bourbon with a homemade simple syrup and Angostura bitters and you have liquid perfection.

Quail Egg Mini Tartines

Move over Eggs Benedict, there’s a new recipe in town. Add some oomph to your usual brunch lineup with this recipe that involves cooking quail eggs and hollandaise sauce via sous vide. The tartine gets extra flavor with a layer of baby spinach and truffle oil, which is compressed in a sous vide bag. Of course bacon, baked and then chopped into a fine crumble, adds the final touch to the recipe’s savory goodness.

Braised Sous Vide Beef Cheeks

This succulent, rich recipe is the perfect indulgence for meat lovers. Before the beef cheeks are cooked sous vide, you’ll need to quickly brown them in a cast iron skillet, and in the same pan, create a simple wine jus. The sautéed artichokes accompaniment is served with pickled ramps along with a sauce that’s created from mixing the wine jus, an artichoke jus, and veal stock.

Compressed Watermelon

This fresh salad—ideal for the summer months—relies on the sous vide compression technique. Compression, without a water bath, makes fruits and vegetables denser and sweeter. Here, the watermelon is accompanied by farro (which is cooked in a sous vide water bath), sliced radishes, and a balsamic vinaigrette that allows the flavors to come to life.

Sous Vide Bread Pudding

The decadence of bread pudding is a dessert lover’s favorite, and ours—with a syrup of bourbon and caramelized peaches—will earn you rave reviews. Combining a brioche loaf (cut into small pieces), raisins, whole milk, heavy cream, vanilla, eggs, and sugar, this recipe uses 12 individual sealable jars (or buttered ramekins) for a sweet presentation. The ramekins are placed in a plastic bag, which is placed in a sous vide bath for two hours, and then broiled until golden brown.

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