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We asked top mixologists to give us their best sous vide concoctions to sip and savor. Of course, they delivered in high style.

By Adam Erace

When bartender Lauren Corriveau of New York City’s Nitecap crafts a new cocktail, she starts by taking inventory of her equipment: shaker, spoon, strainer, immersion circulator. “Sous vide is one of the most important tools in our development process,” she says. “The rapid, temperature-controlled extraction of different ingredients into spirits allows for more depth of flavor, and in turn these flavors help produce more complex cocktails for our guests in ways that are impossible with other methods of infusion.” Here are a few sous vide cocktails to try making at home, from Corriveau and other talented bartenders across the country.

barrel aged sous vide cocktail in martini glass

Barrel-aged cocktails are huge right now—but also require a significant time investment before they’re ready for drinking. Colin Carroll, of Portland’s Trifecta, takes a clever shortcut by infusing spirits with charred wood in his immersion circulator.

Carmen Miranda cocktail

Banana bourbon made with an immersion circulator gives a tropical backbone to this straightforward cocktail at DC’s avant-garde spot Barmini.

red sangria sous vide cocktail in wine glass

Lauren Corriveau’s effervescent riff on red sangria stars the French aperitif Maurin Quina, infused via sous vide with cacao nibs.

This article originally appeared in Sous-Vide magazine’s Spring/Summer 2017 issue.

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