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With cooler weather comes an abundance of festive food traditions and soul-satisfying comfort dishes. We asked our contributors: What’s your favorite holiday indulgence?


“From Roy’s Chocolate Panettone. It reminds me of the panettone my nona would buy during the holidays from our neighborhood Italian bakery. It’s super rich, but airy; they keep the garnish simple and don’t overdo it. I love sharing these flavor and food memories with my wife and daughter.”

Delian DiPietro is a sous chef at Cuisine Solutions. His culinary résumé includes time at Blue Hill, Union League Cafe, and Zaytinya. When he’s not cooking, he’s a skilled mushroom forager—read about his foraging process here and check out the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Sous-Vide for our mushroom recipe feature. He created three of the mushroom-focused recipes.


“I’m heading back to Scotland for my first family festive season in around five years, so I’m already excited for all that glorious feasting. Nothing beats a turkey lunch involving sausages wrapped in bacon, duck fat roast potatoes, and creamy bread sauce. Top it off with a classic sherry trifle and Christmas pudding served with brandy butter and you’ve got a lineup to reckon with.”

Duncan Forgan arrived in Asia in 2010 on assignment, fell in love with the writer lifestyle, and stayed. Now based in Bangkok, he covers golf, culture, cuisine, and more for TIME, Esquire, BBC, The Guardian, and Travel + Leisure, among others. In the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Sous-Vide, he profiles chef Ian Kittichai.


“Making a cup of decadent hot chocolate! I do it old school by warming milk and melting chunks of milk chocolate in a saucepan. There’s something cozy about curling up with a mug and a book that feels like the holiday season to me.”

Sara Liss is the senior food writer at and the author of the forthcoming Miami Cooks Cookbook, due out in 2020. Her work appears in Modern Luxury publications, Condé Nast Traveler, and WHERE Magazine. In the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Sous-Vide, she takes Sous-Vide on a culinary tour of Miami.


“I can’t have Thanksgiving without homemade pecan pie, despite the fact that most of my family would prefer apple or pumpkin. I make one, mostly for myself, every year.”

Kate Williams is an Atlanta based writer and recipe developer. Her work has appeared in several America’s Test Kitchen books, Serious Eats, Anova Culinary, and the James Beard Award–nominated cookbook Rich Table. She is currently the content manager for emerging brands at H&F Bread. In the  Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Sous-Vide, she wrote about chefs who love to use sous vide to create their desserts.


“I happen to own a cocktail bar (and art gallery). I always try to track down local spirits and teas, spices, and herbs whenever I am on the road, to bring back for cocktails inspired by ‘insert-country-here’!”

Photographer Christopher Wise grew up in Vermont, but has been working in Bangkok since 2001. His assignments have included five-star resorts in the Maldives and hard-scrabble trips up the Andaman Islands looking for the elusive Jawara people. Before pursuing photography, he ran a design agency in New York. In this issue, he captures Thai chef Ian Kittichai.

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