Aerated Caramelized White Chocolate Moussewith Dill Compressed Apples and Black Lime Marzipan


Chef Irvin Van Oordt pairs vaccum-sealing with the freezer to create a white chocolate “sponge.”


Dill Compressed Apples:

200 grams / roughly 1 medium Granny Smith apple
30 grams / 2 Tbsp dill oil

Aerated Caramelized White Chocolate Mousse:

310 grams / 1 ½ C white chocolate
220 grams / 1 ¼ C (overcooked) Calrose white rice
200 grams / ¾ C whole milk

Black Lime Marzipan:

65 grams / ½ C unsulphured molasses
25 grams / 1 ½ Tbsp black lime powder
400 grams / 4 C almond flour

To Serve:

50 grams / 3 ¼ Tbsp apple extract cryoconcentration (or substitute apple concentrate)
Edible flowers, as needed (optional)



  • Sous vide circulator
  • Container for water bath
  • Sous vide pouches
  • Vacuum sealer
  • High-speed blender
  • 1-quart whipped cream siphon (such as iSi) and three N2O chargers
  • 2.25-quart FoodSaver container and FoodSaver vacuum sealing system
  • Food scale


Prepping time: 20 minutes / Sous vide cooking time: 4 hours




For the Dill Compressed Apples:

  1. Peel, core, and julienne the apple.
  2. Place in a sous vide pouch and arrange into a single flat layer. Add oil.
  3. Compress by vacuum-sealing the pouch. Keep refrigerated until use or up to 21 days.

For the Aerated Caramelized White Chocolate Mousse:

  1. Preheat water bath to 194°F (90°C). Place white chocolate in a sous vide pouch and seal. Cook in water bath for 4 hours, or until desired caramelization is achieved.
  2. While chocolate is still warm, remove from pouch and place in a high-speed blender. Add remaining ingredients, cover, and blend on high speed until a smooth consistency is achieved.
  3. Transfer mixture into a 1-quart whipped cream siphon. Charge siphon with three N2O (whipped cream) chargers. Chill in the refrigerator or submerged in an ice bath for 2 hours before use.
  4. Place FoodSaver container on a scale and dispense 300 grams or roughly 2 1/2 cups of chocolate mousse into the base in one even layer and thickness. Excess soft-serve mousse can be served over diced fruit or as a whipped-cream substitute for desserts and espresso beverages.
  5. Place top on the FoodSaver container, adjust the nozzle to “vacuum,” and position in vacuum sealer. Once you begin the vacuum-seal sequence, contents will start to rise. Stop once the mousse reaches the top, and before it overflows out of the container. The top will lock itself in place and the mousse will remain aerated.
  6. Turn top nozzle from “vacuum” to the “lock” setting in order to prevent air from escaping or content from collapsing. Freeze for at least 3 hours before using.

For the Black Lime Marzipan:

  1. In a medium bowl, mix molasses, black lime powder, and almond flour.
  2. Transfer to a sous vide pouch and compress in vacuum sealer. Rest content in bag for at least 30 minutes at room temperature, letting the almond flour hydrate thoroughly.
  3. Remove content from bag and knead lightly on a work surface.
  4. Roll into a two-inch cylinder and wrap tightly with plastic film. Freeze for at least 2 hours before use. Marzipan can be stored in the freezer for up to 1 month.

To Serve:

  1. Place serving bowls or plates in the refrigerator to chill until needed.
  2. Remove Dill Compressed Apples from pouch and reserve oil.
  3. In a small bowl, combine apple cryoconcentration with ½ Tbsp of the reserved oil from the Dill Compressed Apples. Reserve for garnish.
  4. Remove lid from frozen Aerated Caramelized White Chocolate Mousse, and slice into six sponge pieces. Place one portion off-centered on each chilled plate.
  5. Garnish the top of each sponge with six compressed apple slices.
  6. Using a micro-plane, shave roughly 2 heaping Tbsp of the marzipan over one side of each sponge, taking care not to get any on the plates. If desired, scatter edible flower petals throughout dish.
  7. On the opposite side, pour the apple/oil sauce mixture into each bowl. The apple cryoconcentration and dill oil will naturally split and create a distinctive visual on the plate.