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PolyScience CHEF Series Commercial Immersion Circulator

It’s the circulator for professionals—or for home chefs who cook like professionals.

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Mastering a new kitchen technique can be daunting enough without learning to use new equipment, too. Luckily for home chefs, diving into sous vide with professional precision is simpler with PolyScience’s Sous Vide Professional Chef Series Immersion Circulator. This immersion circulator is ideal for home chefs cementing their fledgling sous vide skills and for restaurant chefs who want a compact sous vide set-up.

The Chef Series easily clamps to both a home chef’s stockpot or to sous vide tanks as large as 30 liters, making it a good solution for professionals and a pro-choice for home entertainers who, say, need to sous vide 30 burgers at once for a barbecue. On its own, it’s pretty small (about the size of a large aluminum water bottle), so it will stow away in a drawer and leave your counters clear.

This little circulator maintains its temperatures within 1/10th of a degree Fahrenheit, giving professional chefs the control and flexibility to cook a range of sous vide dishes. The circulator’s heating coil and pump ensure this temperature consistency, which, in general, makes circulators better for cooking delicate foods, like eggs. The Chef Series’ stainless steel coil is also incredibly durable, so you won’t have to upgrade for a very long time.

Home chefs shouldn’t be fearful of the Chef Series’ exacting temperature settings, either. You can always refer to the included temperature cheat-sheet if you’re unsure of the best setting for your chicken thighs or Brussels sprouts. Another helpful hack: The Chef Series has a “maximum” line marked on its front to keep you from over-filling your stockpot or tank.

Though the Chef Series caters to the needs of sous-vide professionals and home chefs seasoned in the method, chefs with no experience can still make exemplary sous vide with this circulator. Start with the basics, like steaks and eggs, and look to the Chef Series recipe book—included in the box—for guidance. It’ll give you a good foundation for preparing fundamental sous vide dishes and for sous viding better with the Chef Series.

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