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Moto: The Cookbook


A posthumous cookbook by the late Homaro Cantu celebrates his Willy Wonka-esque approach to modernist cooking.

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The late Homaro Cantu was a pioneer of modernist cuisine. The chef of Michelin-starred Moto in Chicago engineered dishes that were a spectacle to see and an adventure to eat. Now his posthumously published cookbook features recipes and vibrant photography of Moto’s otherworldly dishes.

Cantu, who was seen as part scientist and part Willy Wonka, included his recipes for carbonated oranges that dispense fresh “orange soda” when squeezed and for edible menus—his take on being able to “eat the dishes.” Not only does the book speak to Cantu’s belief that food and technology can change the world, but Moto is a chronicle of his inspirations and his rise to becoming a culinary force whose influence still reverberates throughout the food world.