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WeWork Food Labs to Open in New York

A new coworking space for culinary startups is designed to foster innovations in food science.

WeWork’s first WeWork Food Labs concept, opening late 2019 in New York City. 

By Sara Johnson

As good-for-the-body, good-for-the-earth cooking and eating continues to grow in popularity, coworking company WeWork announced plans to open a new workspace dedicated to fostering advancements and startups in food science and technology. The first location for WeWork Food Labs, opening in late 2019 in New York City, is offering two types of participation: an application-based accelerator program and a paid membership.

“Food Labs supports startups across the sustainable food ecosystem, from CPG and hospitality, AI, robotics, kitchen appliances, supply chain and distribution software, to those building food and ag tech products,” according to WeWork’s website.

Located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, the facility will include traditional office work stations and event spaces, as well as a research and development kitchen and dining area outfitted with modern tools such as a combi-oven and sous vide equipment.

“As part of our membership, WeWork Food Labs members will be given access to our R&D space,” says a WeWork spokesperson via email. “Each dedicated member desk will come with a set of bookable credits where members can reserve space in advance as they would a traditional WeWork conference room.”

This location will also house WeWork’s new Food Labs Accelerator, a five-month program that kicks off in October of 2019, which provides access to the Food Lab as well as equity investments from WeWork.

“WeWork Food Labs will empower innovators across the food and agricultural space, giving them the tools and resources they need to create sustainable solutions that address challenges both within our own community and on a global scale,” said Roee Adler, Global Head of WeWork Labs, in a news release emailed to Sous -Vide.