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In celebration of the season, we asked our contributors: How do you make holiday entertaining your own?


“I may be the last person on earth who cooks their stuffing inside a turkey. My grandmother did, my mom did, and now I’ve been doing it for 25 years without a problem. You have to increase your cooking time and baste the turkey often to keep it moist. You’ll need a good meat thermometer, too. Done right, there is nothing better!”

Scott Suchman specializes in food and restaurant photography. His work has appeared in Saveur, The Washington Post Magazine, and Southern Living, among others. In the Fall/Winter 2018 issue, he photographs chef José Andrés and the recipe dishes.


“On Christmas we always make my mom’s barbecue beef brisket recipe. Last year we put a spin on it: Instead of cooking the beef on the stovetop and then baking it, my husband smoked the meat on our smoker grill. The taste was incredible, and the meat was so tender. The sauce is homemade, bright red, and spicy! We served the brisket with sour cream and dill mashed potatoes, homemade coleslaw, sautéed green beans, and a fresh garden salad.”

Jennifer Hughes photographs environments, people, and food. She has worked with brands such as Hilton Hotels, Sherwin-Williams, and Ceremony Coffee, and her photos have appeared in House Beautiful, HGTV Magazine, Traditional Home, and more. In this issue, she captures a French-style holiday dinner party.


“I love entertaining with vintage or handmade table settings. There is something special and beautiful about objects with a history or ones sculpted with someone’s hands instead of a machine.”

Kristi Hunter is a Philadelphia-based prop and interior stylist who has worked with Anthropologie, Food Network, and Saks Fifth Avenue, among others. In this issue, she styles a story on Parisian-inspired entertaining and our recipe dishes.


“I try to update some of the classics with more modern recipes. Green bean casserole becomes roasted Brussels sprouts with a balsamic dressing. Canned, sliced beets get turned into roasted beets with goat cheese and herbs. Last year I made dinner rolls from scratch. Simple upgrades that improve the feast and remind me to slow down and take my time during the busy season.”

Lucy Hewett is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Chicago. Her work has appeared in Bon Appétit, Glamour, Billboard, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and many other publications. In this issue, she photographs brewer Trevor Rose-Hamblin and Old Irving Brewery Co.


“Above anything, I want guests to feel relaxed and welcome, so I keep it festive but unfussy. Go-tos include epic cheese-and-crudité plates, assemble-your-own steak sliders, and an ice bucket stuffed with bubbly and San Pellegrino. And a festive signature cocktail—sous vide eggnog, for example—always jumpstarts the cheer.”

Jessica Voelker writes about food, drink, and travel. A onetime restaurant critic, she works on language and voice-related products for ChefSteps, a Seattle-based culinary tech company. Voelker has contributed to Condé Nast Traveler, Washingtonian, Seattle Met, and others. In this issue, she takes us on a sous vide tour of Portland, Oregon.

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