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Thermomix TM5


Get the scoop on the Thermomix TM5 and learn why it just might be the ultimate kitchen powerhouse for the modern cook. (Hint: It has Wi-Fi.)

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The Thermomix TM5, a do-it-all kitchen appliance that’s been ubiquitous in Europe for decades, has mixed up how Americans think about the “smart kitchen” since its U.S. launch in 2016. The coveted tool is a 12-in-one culinary powerhouse that can not only cook at constant temperatures for precise amounts of time, but also grind, chop, knead, emulsify, steam, and weigh ingredients. From grinding coffee beans to stirring risotto to steaming a healthy dinner of fresh fish and vegetables in one fell swoop, this is one machine to rule them all.

Even more impressive? The Wi-Fi enhanced Thermomix connects to the Cookidoo library of more than 30,000+ recipes from around the world via the Cook-Key accessory. Purchasing a Thermomix gets you a 6-month trial membership to Cookido, which means you can save favorite recipes, plan meals for the week, create and share shopping lists, and—here’s the best part—send tonight’s recipe for Thai chicken curry directly to the Thermomix display for guided on-screen cooking.

Beyond the fact that the Thermomix replaces so many kitchen appliances (while clocking in at a downright diminutive 13.4 inches tall), a significant part of its appeal lies in the ease it offers. After all, faster cooking times, easier cleanup, and less active, hands-on time in the kitchen are music to a modern cook’s ears. And while this next-generation gadget isn’t exactly cheap, it comes with all the tools you’ll need—from a mixing bowl and steaming tray to a knife, spatula, and whisk—as well as the Thermomix Basic Cookbook.

For those who haven’t tried this culinary version of a pocketknife, Thermomix offers in-home cooking demonstrations. When you book a demo (which is akin to an interactive dinner party), a consultant will bring along a Thermomix and guide you and your dinner guests as you craft a meal of fresh bread, a main course, and dessert. All you have to do is craft your guest list and daydream about all that newly available counter space.