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Sous Vide Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019

Online retailer Amazon has slashed prices on several immersion circulators during their annual sale—snag these deals to start cooking sous vide at home.

Although sous vide equipment manufacturers continue to innovate, the initial investment for a home setup will typically cost a few hundred dollars, at a minimum. To get started cooking sous vide, most home chefs will need an immersion circulator, a vacuum-sealer, and sous vide–safe pouches. This week, online retailer Amazon has reduced prices on sous vide equipment—from immersion circulators to vacuum sealers—for their two-day Prime Day this July 15–16. Jump in to sous vide cooking at home with these deals on immersion circulators.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano ($64.35): Already the most affordable option of Anova’s immersion circulators, the Nano—normally listed for $99—is even more of a steal right now. The device offers 750 watts of power and heats accurately within 0.2˚F (0.1˚C). Buy here

Joule by ChefSteps ($125.30 and $139.30): Both colors of the Joule are marked down by $50 or more. Normally sold for $199, the stainless steel Joule is listed for $139.30, and the white polycarbonate model is marked down to $125.30 from $179. The circulators offer 1100 watts and accurate heating within 0.2°F (0.1°C). Read more and buy here.

Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator ($54.99): Save about $25 on this circulator from the makers of the hit Instant Pot pressure cookers. Temperatures on the 800-watt device can be controlled within 1°F (0.1°C). Read more and buy here.

Bought a circulator and ready to get started? Here’s where to begin.


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