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somethingtofoodaboutExploring Creativity with Innovative Chefs


Crisp photography accompanies Questlove’s dialogues with 10 avant-garde chefs.

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Questlove: Renaissance Man? Though best known for his musical prowess as part of The Roots, the hip-hop drummer also boasts a passion for cuisine—one that has led him to explore food as a cornerstone of culture and creative expression. Crisp photography by Kyoko Hamada accompanies Questlove’s dialogues with 10 diverse and avant-garde chefs, including Modernist Cuisine author Nathan Myhrvold, Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm, and Atelier Crenn’s Dominique Crenn. Constantly connecting art, music, and food, Questlove highlights the innovative spirits who create drool-worthy dishes.

This article originally appeared in Sous-Vide magazine’s Spring/Summer 2017 issue.

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