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Oliso SmartHub Sous Vide & Induction Combo


A truly smart sous vide machine that packs a lot of power into one square foot.

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In the age of the smart kitchen, app or wifi-enabled kitchen tools can have instant cachet among home chefs. If you ask appliance brand Oliso, such tools still have to be as problem-solving as the tech might boast. Oliso’s goal is to simplify household tasks with its appliances—from an elevating iron that won’t burn your ironing board to top-quality sous vide equipment, including the SmartHub Sous-Vide & Induction Combo.


What’s smarter about Oliso’s SmartHub is how it meets the needs of the home sous vider while conforming to the limitations of a cramped kitchen. The SmartHub is only one square foot in size, which makes it easier to clean, transport, and fit on your countertop. It’s comprised of two devices that sync without wifi or batteries: A cordless water bath top and an induction burner base, which you can also use on its own.


The SmartHub’s temperature setting is precise yet straightforward, making it a great sous vide machine for the intermediate sous vide chef. After you set your cooking temperature, the SmartHub will maintain it within 0.18° F. The water bath top section is double-walled with a tempered glass lid to insure that it maintains this temperature for the duration of your cook time—whether it’s 72 hours or 72 minutes.


While you might enjoy the results of your low-and-slow sous vide cooking, you don’t want to wait around forever for your sous vide machine to heat up. The SmartHub’s induction burner base heats quickly with help from 1500 watts of power, but it can stay heated with as few as two watts powering the machine. This compact, efficient, and versatile combo of appliances can help you sous vide your proteins and vegetables with new ease, and it’s great for cooking flavorful broths, culturing your own yogurt, or tempering chocolate for glassy confections.


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