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Japanese Company Vermicular Launches Musui-Kamado in United States

Part slow-cooker, part rice-cooker, part Dutch oven, the highly designed cast iron pot and matching heating base are a pair made in luxury kitchen heaven.

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“Create a meal that brings out everyone’s best,” reads the tagline on the U.S. homepage for Vermicular, a Japanese cookware company that launched stateside earlier this year. Vermicular introduced a two-product set dubbed the Musui-Kamado: a cast iron pot (Musui) with an induction heating base (Kamado). The company, established in 2010, describes the duo as the “world’s first cast iron induction cooker.”

Like many modern kitchen appliances such as Instant Pot and KitchenAid mixers, the Musui-Kamado can prepare a multitude of foods multiple ways, from steam-roasting beets to searing pork belly. The pair can also be used to cook sous vide: the Kamado base features the ability to adjust the temperature between 90°F to 200°F by single degrees. Separated from the Kamado, the Musui pot is also oven-safe up to 570°F, so meals can be started on the countertop and finished in the oven.

Musui-Kamado, the world's first cast iron induction cooker.

Constructed of a mix of vermicular graphite iron and over a dozen additional metals, the Musui is triple-coated in enamel and manufactured without lead and cadmium. Musui’s matching lid seals the pot’s top within “a .01 mm accuracy,” enabling what the company calls waterless cooking.

Unlike some other kitchen brands, the color palette of Vermicular’s U.S. collection is deliberately muted. Each of the devices is produced in three colorways: Musui is available in Charcoal, Matte Black, and Sea Salt, while Kamado is available in Silver, Charcoal, and Sea Salt.

Each Musui-Kamado set ships with a cookbook, measuring cups, and a lid stand. Keeping with the subtle aesthetic, additional accessories include a wood Magnetic Trivet (available in Black Walnut or Hard Maple) and organic cotton canvas Pot Holders (available in Graphite and Wheat).

Vermicular cofounder Kuni Hijikata emphasized the company’s mission to preserve the legacy of Japanese craft while adding modern tech utility. “Combining our strong heritage of traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering, we created the Musui-Kamado to offer home chefs of all levels a way to easily create an array of masterfully crafted dishes.”


Vermicular Musui-Kamado, $670; Musui, $300; Kamado, $370; Magnetic Trivet, $60; Pot Holders, $40, all available at

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