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Vegetables Unleashed


Celebrate the earth’s bounty with star chef José Andrés and writer Matt Goulding’s plant-focused cookbook.

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Veggie lovers will appreciate the recipes, tips, and tricks of this produce manifesto penned by Spanish-American star chef José Andrés and James Beard Award–winning writer Matt Goulding. Vegetables Unleashed (Harper Collins, 2019) shows readers how to approach cooking vegetables in new and unexplored ways.

“This is a personal book for me—from my mom’s lentils to my wife’s gazpacho to the recipes that are the heart of my restaurants,” Andrés wrote on Instagram. “It’s also personal because I wrote it with my good friend @mdgoulding, and we published it with our dearly-missed brother Anthony Bourdain. This book is dedicated to him.”

Andrés oversees dozens of restaurants across the United States—including Beefsteak, which “celebrates the unsung power of vegetables.” Leveraging the boundless power of plants, recipes in his cookbook include everything from a humble lentil stew to endless variations on the classic Spanish gazpacho to the boundary-pushing ingenuity of potatoes baked in fresh compost.

Though not a vegetarian, Andrés believes that eating vegetables is not only good for the planet, but more complex, versatile, and interesting than meat. Maybe it’s time to rethink plants.

An earlier version of this article appeared in Sous-Vide magazine’s Fall/Winter 2019 issue. Read the complete print archive here.

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