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Drop Scale & Recipe App


Count on this wireless scale and app to guide you through recipes, one ingredient at a time.

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Only have two-thirds the amount of sugar required to make cookies? That’s no problem when you’ve got this cool tool on-hand.

sous vide drop scale spices

Drop’s wireless scale (and app companion) effortlessly guides home cooks and bakers through recipes, measuring ingredients as they’re added. In addition to its own proprietary recipes, Drop collaborates with partners like Food52 and Good Housekeeping for its trove of recipes, which have been transformed from text-heavy formats to a step-by-step visual experience.

And for those inevitable moments when you don’t have quite enough of an ingredient when baking, enter the super-smart app to the rescue: it scales recipes, automatically adjusting the amount of all other ingredients needed to balance the recipe accordingly. No math—easy, simple, and precise every time.

Another great feature: ingredient substitutions. In more ways than one, this gadget does the thinking for you, making it a no-brainer purchase in our book.


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